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[30 Jan 2005|09:02pm]

carpediem____ carpediem____  carpediem____ </span>


Comment to be added.

carpediem____ carpediem____ carpediem____


carpediem____ carpediem____ carpediem____
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[23 Jan 2005|04:58pm]

I want someone who will make me unbelievably happy.


[20 Jan 2005|10:46pm]

Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines

   he wrote a poem

And he called it "Chops"

   because that was the name of his dog

And that's what it was all about

And his teacher gave him an A

   and a gold star

And his mother hung it on the kitchen door

   and read it to his aunts

That was the year Father Tracy

  took all the kids to the zoo

And he let them sing on the bus

And his little sister was born

  with tiny toenails and no hair

And his mother and father kissed a lot

And the girl around the corner sent him a

  Valentine signed with a row of red X's

  and he had to ask his father was the X's meant

And his father always tucked him in bed at night

And was always there to do it


 Once on a peice of white paper with blue lines

   he wrote a poem

And he called it "Autumn"

  because that was the name of the season

And that's what it was all about

And his teacher gave him an A

  and asked him to write more clearly

And hjis mother never hung it on the kitchen door

  because of its new paint

And the kids told him

  that Father Tracey smoked cigars

And left buttss on the pews

And soemtimes they would burn holes

That was the year his sister not glasses

  with think lenses and black frames

And the girl around the corner laughed

  when he asked her to go see Santa Claus

And the kids told him why

   his mother and father kissed a lot

And his father never tucked him in bed at night

And his father got mad

  when he cried for him to do it.



Once on a paper torn from his notebook

  he wrote a poem

And he called it "Innocence: A Question"

  because that was the question about his girl

And that's what it was all about

And his professor gave him an A

  and a strange steady look

And his mother never hunt it on the kitchen door

  because he never showed her

That was the year tha Father Tracey died

And he forgot how the end

  of the Apostle's Creed went

And he caught his sister

  making out on the back porch

And his mother and father never kissed

  or even talked

And the girl around the corner

  wore too much make-up

That made him cough when he kissed her

  but he kissed her anyway

  because that was the thing to do

And at three A.M he tucked himself into bed

   his father snoring soundly


That's why on the back of a brown paper bag

  he tried another poem

And he called it "Absolutely Nothing"

Because that's what it was really all about

And he gave himself an A

and a slash on each damned wrist

And he hung in on the bathroom door

  because this time he didn't think

  he could reach the kitchen

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[13 Jan 2005|12:34am]
[ mood | blah ]

 So life is going pretty much great this week because I'm excited about shadowing KT soon. She makes my world go round, pretty much. Clint Small really sucks, I just am so pissed that they are so stupid about every rule; even my teachers don't agree with the rules. But ya'll don't care about that. The wheater is awesome lately.  Well it feels great with my window open at night, hearing my neighbors scary wind chimes, so it's cool. It's late, I wish I could have been in bed sooner because I don't like being grumpy and annoyed by everything in the morning. I've decided on my own that Katie and I will be going to school together everyday until she gets a car, just because I love her. (Tell me if you're "cool" with that kt) hahah. Yeah I suck. At least I'm being optimistic and writing a lot, so be happy. I'm starting to get a little scared and anxious about going to High School just because I don't want to be in a stampede of upperclassmen when the bell rings. I don't even know, that's why I want to go to school with kt so she can pretty much show me everything, I guess i'll get something from shadowing. IDK. Well i'll just go to bed now. I didn't have a lot of homework today.

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[11 Jan 2005|09:50pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Used to be one of the rotten ones and I liked you for that.
Now your all gone got your make-up on and your not coming back.


[10 Jan 2005|07:33pm]

 Not to be conceited but sometimes I just do the nicest

out-of-my-way things for people and I never really feel like

they appreciate it; and that kind of kills me.

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[06 Jan 2005|09:14pm]
When God created love he didn't help most
When God created dogs he didn't help dogs
When God created plants that was average
When God created hate we had a standard utility
When God created me he created me
When God created the monkey he was asleep
When He created the giraffe he was drunk
When He created narcotics he was high
and when He created suicide he was low

When He created you lying in bed
He knew what he was doing
He was drunk and he was high
and He created the mountians and the sea and fire at the same time

He made some mistakes
but when he created you lying in bed
He came all over His Blessed Universe.

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[02 Jan 2005|03:37am]

Well this was my New Years


[25 Dec 2004|06:05pm]
You are a drumstick.

Absolutely insane. That is how most would describe you. You aren't afraid to take risks, and enjoy putting yourself in strange situations. Most people hang out with you because of your hilarious sense of humour. You light up any bad situation, and can help all of your friends with their problems, except for your own. Because of this, you enjoy being around people like you. Many shut you out for your very weird, random personality, but honestly, you shouldn't care.

Most compatible with: Guitar, and another drumstick.

Click here -- What Random Object Represents Your Inner Self?
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[23 Dec 2004|11:42pm]

(but it will do ♥)Collapse )


[23 Dec 2004|09:45pm]

Step-by-Step :

  • Woke up at 8:37a.m
  • Took a hothotheat shower.
  • Got Dressed
  • Brushed Teeth
  • Picked up by dad for ortho.
  • Check-Up.
  • Trudy's for Brunch.
  • Went to Best Buy to get a stereo installed in car for mom. (xmas)
  • Slept 5 minutes
  • Got online
  • Got "ready"
  • Went to Mall
  • Met Katie, and our gay friend David.
  • David's cute.
  • Had fun...
  • Went home
  • Here having no life


PICTURRRES (Collapse )

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[20 Dec 2004|11:33pm]

Lindsey asked me to update...so here's my update.


I've been doing nothing but shiat. I hung out with Katie on

Saturday and did nothing. Then yesterday went to see Ocean's

Twelve with Lindsey. It was actually pretty good considering

all the bad critiques it got. Lindsey's the BESTESTZZZ friend I've ever

had. No joke. Somtimes she's annoyed by me, and says things

which annoy me so I guess you could say that we annoy eachother.

But that's just how it goes you know. She's the cutest thing ever

although she can't see it and maybe you can't but when she's nice

she really is the cutest. She also has this mean way of being mean

like when she says something rude to me she has this weird cruel

laugh that makes me want to almost cry and fling my macaronni at

her cute, two-nosed face face. You'll never have what Lindsey and I

have. <3

Um...who's cuter?

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[18 Dec 2004|02:05pm]

 The four days of school we had went by

pretty quick. Thursday, peope and I made

eachother faint. It was an awesome experience.

 I've definitely never felt anything like it.

IT WAS FUN. After school I went to Lindsey's.

We took pictures..she tackled me and broke my

ankle, foot, whatever and I died for about 10 minutes.

So then we went to Gatti Town, saw some old friends,

but didn't have enough balls to go and be like hey bitch.

 We played basketball, car things, whatever else.

I miss Lindsey. It was awesome have one of our

"we have no life, let's go to gatti town" days. Whenever

I listen to Boxcar Racer, I think of her, and Katie. I

don't know why. I think of Katie because of something

I don't think it'd be right for me to share. Well I spent

the night at Lindsey's, woke up at 9 and my mom came

and got me to go to the Orthodontist to mold my teeth

for retainers that my sister lost, and doesn't want to

admit it. But whatever. Then I went to my doctor, to

check out my ankle, and he says my foot's not broken,

but it's pretty badly sprained, and gave this cast-like

thing, thank god It looks like some type of leg warmer/sock.

Well, then I went shopping. Got THE COOLEST GLASSES,

and make-up. My sister got some jeans, and presents for

her friends. Apparently I'm crazy. This entire entry

makes me seem like a loser trying to be cool, but I'm

actually awesome.



Pictures from my night withSilent GCollapse )

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[04 Dec 2004|11:23am]


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[29 Oct 2004|10:51pm]

 So the dance was awesome, and I sound like

I just blew 50 grams. Yeah okay..here are some

pictures Kelsey and me took before we were hot+sexy+

sweaty and all. <3Collapse )

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[11 Oct 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Too bad you suck and Kelsey and I had the best day eva.

In my opinion. I've never ate so much peanutbutter/peanuts

in my entire life. But it was good while it lasted, then

suddenly I wanted to vomit in your mouth. And it was

gross. But yeah.


our dayCollapse )

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[07 Oct 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I'm bored.

How does it feel?Collapse )

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[19 Sep 2004|10:09pm]

I'm so scared that the way that I feel,
is written all over my face,
When you walk into the room, I wanna find a hiding place.
We used to laugh we used to hug, the way that old friends do, but a smile and the touch of your hand, just makes me come unglued. It's such a contradiction. Do I lie or tell the truth? Is it fact or fiction? Oh the way I feel for you,
It's so complicated! I'm so frustrated!I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away, I wanna make you go, I wanna make stay, should I say it? Should I tell you how I feel? Oh I want you to know, but then again I don't it's so complicated!
Just when I think, I'm under control, I think I've finally got a grip, another friend tells me that, my name is always on you r lips. They say I'm more than just a friend they say I must be blind! Well I admit that I've seen you watch me from the corner of your eye. Oh it's so confusing, yea I wish you'd just confess, but think of what I'd be loosing, if you're answer wasn't yes!
I hate it! 'Cuz I've waited so long for someone like you! Oh I do I do!
(Chorus)- Fade to finish


That was for Lindsey. I love you, Lindsey.


[18 Sep 2004|12:25pm]
No, heaven's not a place
That you go when you die
It's that moment in life
When you touch her and you feel alive
So live for the moment
And take this advice,
Live by every word
Love's completely real,
So forget anything that you've heard
And live for the moment now
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My Day/not. [17 Sep 2004|06:12pm]

    So it's 7:30, and i'm getting ready to leave for school;

I need a ride from one of my parents because I need to be

at school at 7:40 for French Club Elections and candidates

have to be there. And my mom is getting ready for work, and

so is my dad but my mom has to be at work at 8:00 and my dad

at 7:45 but my dad is being and ass and taking too long

so my mom says she'll take me, and she does. Traffic sucks,

mom is complaining about how I never do anything for her (i'm

so FUCKING sick of that and i'm not even kidding, i'm the person

who does the most for her than anyone in my family, so the

next time she says that I swear i'm never doing anything for

her ever again) and so yeah, all that and how I have to pay

her back BIG TIME, by cleaning the whole upstairs, and

she calls it our agreement as in : Mom - "Are you doing what we

talked about?" Me- "What did we talk about?" Mom-"our agREEment.."

Me-"...oh yeah?". I didn't even fucking make president, and

it's because I didn't vote for myself, and I voted for

my friend because she totally wanted to be president and she

didn't make it either. But I don't care, I didn't really want it

bad. at all. I hope Gigi gets overwhelmed and dies.

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